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Importance of Service Tax Consultant and Their Responsibilities

Knowing Service Tax:

Service Tax, an indirect tax, imposed by Indian government on the services. This tax is collected by the service providers and they pay the same to the government. Services tax is governed under Finance Act, 1994. There isn’t any specific service tax act to govern its stipulation.  

Role of  Tax consultants:

In general, the major duty of service tax consultants Delhi is to provide valuable advice and assist business houses and individuals in tax filing and return in a hassle-free manner. They also hold expertise in Tax preparation. A responsible tax consultant suggests his client with various ideas and steps to minimize the overall Tax. Having precise knowledge of various Tax affairs & laws, they minimize their taxation exposure by implementing result-oriented tax management strategies.

Tax consultants have to perform certain duties like keeping track of latest schemes provided by business houses and banks, and provide suitable advice as per the financial abilities of the clients. They suggest with the best policies leads to high profit and complete customer satisfaction. And finally, a service tax consultant is having the responsibility to provide proper information to ensure that client is following all the legalities.   

Apart from this, tax consultants have to fulfill some more important responsibilities. Along with being fair with the clients in terms of services and charges, they should have higher degree of responsibility with the Internal Revenue Service. As they keep precise knowledge of all the service tax rules and documentation processes, they can help to maintain the accuracy of the client's documents and related penalties. Additionally, they duly check the standard of practices followed at the organization and the individual's tax documents. It is their responsibility to estimate the reasonableness in the tax calculations, to determine the important facts, and provide appropriate conclusion supported by the laws. Most importantly, they must have to establish a strong and clear communication with their clients.

Tax is a sensitive area where proficiency is needed to carry out the entire process without any hassle. So, the Tax consultant should be qualified as well as experienced enough to handle all the tax affairs in compliance with the service tax rules. The consultant must have precise knowledge and understanding of the environmental factors too. They should keep themselves updated with the latest change in government tax rules so that they can help clients to avoid any type of negative influence on their business.

Tax consultation is a field that requires high competency, experience and clear understanding because money is at stake. Along with having deep understanding and knowledge of the tax rules, a  Tax consultant must be aware of the latest service tax rate. So, they help to file your ITR at genuine rate without committing any type of error. There are many consultants in the market that claim to provide better services, but your selection should be on the ground of their track record, success ratio and personalized approach. So, be careful while choosing one; make sure that you are handing over all your financial affairs in a responsible hand. Top service tax consultant in Delhi like Asia Taxzone can handle and mange all your financial affairs with ease. A crew of proficient chartered accountants and financial experts at this firm are ready to help you with all your legal and financial problems.      

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